Article from FGCU Pinnacle News

Organizer happiest when helping others find their space

Tracy Colleran, ’05

Entrepreneur_ColleranYou can’t go to Italy and not feel something.

For Tracy Colleran, it came on the Isle of Capri in 2007 during the first real vacation she had ever taken – the first time she had ever been outside the United States. Some barefoot fishermen took her in a boat to the Blue Grotto, a sea cave that is flooded with a brilliant emerald light created by sunlight passing through an underwater cavity. As they sang vibrantly and passionately, she had an epiphany.

“It was the first time I could really sit back and think, ‘What am I really good at? What can I help people with? What can I make a living off of?’ ” she says. “It wasn’t so much, ‘How much money can I make and how can I get there the fastest?’ It was genuinely, ‘What is my passion?’ And that word – passion – is a huge thing in Italy. Everyone’s passionate.”

Colleran, 31, hadn’t really figured out what she wanted to do after graduating from FGCU in 2005 with a marketing degree, so she was doing sales and marketing for a home-based electronics company. Her boss’s disorganization had started to affect her commissions, so she redid his office, including a new filing and bill-paying system.

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