DianeI’ve got two companies now and both are growing – and I’m absolutely allergic to bookkeeping.

Diane Pisani, Your Home Watch Professional president and co-founder, began working with Tracy in 2008.

Pisani says your office needs to be organized as well as your business practices and Tracy set her business up on Quickbooks and takes care of all of the entries. That comfort in knowing her books are well kept is comforting and keeps Pisani in tune with her business finances,

Because of their working relationship, Pisani is able to be free from worry on the books, and can go out and do what she does best, and that is to run her business.

“Tracy is professional, intuitive, a quick learner, and a fast worker, she is a great value for me.”

Pisani believes in surrounding herself with true professionals that can help lift each other up as they conduct their business.

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