TracyTracy Colleran has been a professional bookkeeper and organizer for 14 years.

We know your life can be chaos. Sometimes you just need a little help staying organized.

We’re here to set your home or home office straight, so that you can be more productive…and STAY THAT WAY!

Straighten Up, Inc. realizes this can be easier said than done. Being (and staying) organized does not come naturally to everyone. But with our help, you can develop the habits and routines to help you stay in control.

Frustrated that you can never find something when you need it?
Feel like your life is all work and no play?
Have a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it all?
Know what needs to be done to get organized but have no motivation to do it?
Are you behind in your bookkeeping or paperwork?

Watch this video to see some before and after shots of her work in people’s homes and office.