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Don2I knew I could really use someone like Tracy

Don Spanitz is an Internet Marketer that works from his home.

Spanitz met Tracy at a home garden show in Naples, and after talking with her realized she was very intelligent and to the point.

He was moving to an office from one bedroom of the house to the other, and had new cabinets put in.

“In trying to organize the office Tracy took five years of boxes, books, and files and helped me to organize it into an organized system,” says Spanitz.

“I tend to be a pack rat, and she really helped me straighten that up in my home office.” Spanitz continued.

Tracy helped me set up ways to throw away things that I wasn’t going to use again, and put things that may be useful in an organized way for future needs.”

“I would mention Tracy for sure if anyone wanted help with organizing their home or home office.”

Watch the video for the details:

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