Diane Pisani – My office needed an organizational intervention

Diane with Banner_05.2015_crop (2)I really appreciated the way Tracy listened to what I said, and understood my emotional items in the office and worked to meet my needs.

Diane Pisai, President and Founder of Your Home Watch Professionals, first met Tracy in 2008 as her business partner suggested an office organizational intervention.

Pisani took the view that she should spend time doing what she does best, and bring in a professional to help her in matters she hadn’t been trained.

She’s worked with Tracy since for organizing and assisting with bookkeeping. Her business has grown rapidly, and she operates much more efficiently due to the efforts of Straighten Up, Inc.

“Tracy came in and helped me seperate my business life from my professional life,” she further went on to say, “She is a great listener, and respected the things I wanted in my office to meet my needs.

Diane summarized their relationship as follows, “In business you are judged by the company I keep, and I keep company with other fine business professionals. ”

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