Rhonda Garfinkel – Lucky to have found Tracy Colleran

I consider myself so very lucky to have found Tracy Colleran and believe she will remain an important presence in my life.

Tracy is reliable, hardworking, and professional. Once a goal is agreed upon, and a plan is made; you will not believe how much is accomplished. Tracy will not only organize your home but before she begins, she takes the time to understand you, her client and has an uncanny way of making adjustments depending on any of your requests or limitations.

I have PTST (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Tracy very quickly understood my strengths and weaknesses and made sure to adjust the plan accordingly. She is caring, yet not condescending. She works hard but does not pressure her client at all. The process of organizing my home contributed greatly to my recovery. I gained control over my life as we progressed. I will continue to call Tracy for “check up” appointments as needed.
Rhonda Garfinkel. Naples, Florida

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