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I hired Tracy recently to help me unpack and organize about 53 boxes that I brought with me from my move to Naples from St. Louis. Half those boxes went to my condo/home and the others to my new office location…and then I had to leave for a week assignment in England!

I knew I didn’t want to come home to the task of unpacking. Tracy was incredible. I left her after a short meeting with just a cursory vision of the office and the condo…and the keys to both places. When I returned, it was a joy to find the office unpacked and organized, with everything SENSIBILY stored in places that made it easy for me to jump right in and start my two businesses! And my kitchen was incredible…cabinets that had been helter skelter were now also sensibly organized with room to put the new items from St. Louis.

It was such a pleasure to come home that night from England, jetlagged, and NOT see any boxes of my glass art in the living room or kitchen items on the counters. Tracy has incredible energy, great vision for what to do with spaces, and high focus when attacking an organizational project. If you want it done fast, right, and with logical placement…call her NOW!
Sam Black. Sam Black Consulting Services.

Bonita Springs, Florida.

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