Thank you so much for your dedication over the past few months to my project of creating a Memorial Book in honor of my father.

I know it was something new for you and I so appreciate you jumping in without hesitation. I recognize that you kept me on track with my completion date goals. Because of your commitment, I was able to send the completed books out to family so that they received by the one year anniversary of my father’s death. That was really important to me, but if left to me alone, I know it wouldn’t have happened.

Electronically organizing my father’s photos and accolades could have been too overwhelming and emotional on my own. I kept postponing the project because, frankly, after a long day at work, I was just too tired to devote the energy the project needed. With your guidance as well as a “fresh set of eyes,” the end result was beautiful not to mention that now, boxes and boxes of memories have been captured all in one place.

The next time I have a project that seems too big to tackle, I won’t hesitate to call.
Karen Lyons. Kaiser Permanente. Naples, Florida & Oakland, California.